Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Bicyclists: Wee Warning Wanted

As this lovely lady explained to me, the whooshing by of bikes can be disconcerting and unbalancing because it happens so silently and swiftly.

So, bicyclers, a quick call to say "Passing on the left", or a jingle of the bell, whatever, will make this walker feel a bit more confident on the Norwottuck Rail Trail.


Julie MeowMeow said...

Thank you lady from Amherst. I am a pedestrian in Madison, WI and less generous than you. I walk on the other side so I can see bicyclists coming. If I can move over, I will. If I'm going to get buzzed, at least I'd like to know about it.

Anonymous said...

This has nothing to do with bicycles, dear Emily, but I know that our town's library is near and dear to your heart. Isn't it time that you weighed in with your thoughts on the current batch of library trustees and their recent antics?

Emily Elizabeth Dickinson said...

Emily thanks Anonymous and Sister Julie.... I am rather taken with bicycles and poetry, thus in the clouds on Jones Library politics -- many well intended people I am sure.