Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Bicyclists: Wee Warning Wanted

As this lovely lady explained to me, the whooshing by of bikes can be disconcerting and unbalancing because it happens so silently and swiftly.

So, bicyclers, a quick call to say "Passing on the left", or a jingle of the bell, whatever, will make this walker feel a bit more confident on the Norwottuck Rail Trail.

Wee Wooly Sheep

Wee woolly sheep  (baaa baaaaa baaaaa) who like to bleat,

Send our wishes, despite all the heat.

With all our love, we'd like to say, 

Happy Mirthday! 

-- a  poem written by an obsessed person dressed as a sheep for a July birthday party on a porch in Amherst, MA.