Tuesday, September 09, 2008

The Red Indian Pipe Society

Red Indian Pipe appeared on the Robert Frost Trail, halfway between Amethyst Brook and Mt. Orient last Sunday. The Emily Dickinson Museum reminds readers:
The Indian Pipe Society ($1,000)

Emily Dickinson called the Indian Pipe “the preferred flower of life.” The painting of Indian Pipes given to her by Mabel Loomis Todd adorns the first edition of her Poems First Series. The Indian Pipe Society ... recognizes individuals and couples who contribute $1,000 or more each fiscal year to the Museum’s operating budget.

Perhaps I should modify my poem:

White (or red) as an Indian Pipe
Red as a Cardinal Flower
Fabulous as a Moon at Noon
February Hour

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Anonymous said...

Lovely photo, Emily :-)

I was following your online presence after seeing this beautiful photo, and it led me to your 2007 photo of Canada lilies on Mt. Norowottuck over on Flickr--just gorgeous. I favorited that one (I'm Inatangle on Flickr) and linked to it on my Livejournal. What amazing flowers those are.

I may link to this one too, later today, okay?** I feel a poem brewing in me, too...

**(and if it's not okay, and if you'd like me to take down the link to the Canada lilies photo--or add a more explicit credit--just let me know! I'm happy to oblige.)