Tuesday, August 14, 2007

A Republican of a Different Kind

Green petticoats hanging in slatted doors,
Awaiting a promised prom,
Hubbard and butternut bursting forth,
Cabbage in big-leaved prime.

The valley this day was a romance,
An idyll of bountiful earth,
Till a barnside in hard-working Hatfield,
Offered a counter to birth.

Under the sign, near Lincoln's name is www.iraqmemorial.org. Its worthwhile to stop a moment and think of these and others who suffer in war.

UPDATE: According to a neighbor's post at flickr, this sign is in Whately.

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Mary E.Carey said...

Nice! Did you write this poem? Love all the ways "counter" works here. Are you a medievalist? I was going to say Emily probably could never have envisioned the link, but then, didn't medieval writers do a lot with margins?