Sunday, October 08, 2006

Best of the Police Report Oct 6

This week's themes were religious affairs and decorating new apartments. For you to ponder:

Saturday, Sept. 9, 3:32 PM: "The members of a loud band playing on the sidewalk in front of St. Brigid's Church were told to stop playing until Mass was over at 5PM."

Saturdy, Sept. 9, 9:53 PM : "A verbal warning was issued by police to people at the Jewish Community Center playing loud music at a bar mitzvah."

Sunday, Sept. 10, 1:21AM: "Police issue a citation to the driver of a vehicle stopped on Triangle Stree that had an orange construction barrel inside it."

Tuesday, Sept. 12, 12:43AM: "Two people walking with traffic cones on North Pleasant Street near Ren's Mobil were advised to return them to a construction area outside the downtown bars."

Tuesday, Sept. 12 10:22AM: " A Main Street woman called with a complaint about a dead and gutted squirrel that was left on her doorstep, which may have been retaliation for noise complaints she had made against her neighbors."

Or maybe it was a friendly cat!

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